Wire and Nylon Brush Drill Attachments

✅ CONDITION UP TO 4X Longer than lower quality or low-priced brushes due to Makita’s carefully selected Premium Carbon Steel and Nylon Brush Drill Attachments for minimal scratch risk, all of which have unsurpassed material integrity for longer life, safety, smoothness, and ease of use than other brushes in their class

✅ EASILY & SMOOTHLY remove heavy corrosion, rust, paint, spatter, scale, grout while also clean weld edges, deburring, polishing and scrubbing with Makita’s proprietary tempered carbon steel wires and nylon brushes, that reveal a soft, pliable and paint-ready surface

✅ AVOID INJURY & Premature Wear with lower-priced wire brush drill attachments by relying on Makita’s superior reliability, long life, safety, smoothness and ease of use than competitor wires that fly apart and prematurely tear, resulting in injury and project delays | For best results, apply gentle perpendicular pressure ensuring full contact with wire tips only