Makita Drill Bits and Brushes

✅ EASILY Drill LONGER & PRECISELY into Concrete, Brick, Masonry as well as Wood & Metal for Specific Bits with Makita Drill Bits. Reinforced Premium Tungsten Carbide Drill Bit Tips & Steel Bit Integrity for unmatched LONG LIFE, SAFE Drilling & RELIABLE Screwing & Fastening, while Drill bit flute design allows for maximal amount of concrete removal for both EASE OF USE and EFFECTIVENESS in concrete/masonry drilling applications

✅ AVOID LOWER PRICED & lower quality bits that wobble, prematurely wear and strain the power tool, resulting in high bit consumption rate, project completion delays, ineffective anchoring & fastening and making the overall drilling much more difficult

✅ IDEAL for General Contractors, DIY, or Homeowners who need a wide variety of concrete drill bit sizes and lengths, all conveniently placed and sleeve protected in a set specifically designed for the most common used sizes in concrete drilling applications